David Spaven - A Railway Author

With a 40-year track record working in and around the rail industry, David Spaven has now tapped that experience – and his enthusiasm for the written word – to produce five books on British railway history:

Mapping the Railways –published in 2011 – is a highly-acclaimed volume, co-written with Julian Holland, featuring 121 topographical and specialist railway maps, supported by well-researched commentaries and photographs. The book has sold 70,000 copies.

Waverley Route: the life, death and re-birth of the Borders Railway –published in 2012– sets out the story of how the line came to be closed, and then partially re-opened (to Galashiels and Tweedbank) in 2015. An updated edition, Waverley Route: the battle for the Borders Railway was published in 2015.

Britain’s Scenic Railway –published in 2012 – is a unique insight, co-written with Julian Holland,  into the most scenic rail journeys in England, Scotland and Wales. It incorporates detailed text, complemented by Bartholomew’s historical mapping. The book has sold  50,000 copies.The latest version is titled Britain’s Best Railways, and will be available from 'The Works'.

The Railway Atlas of Scotland –published in 2015 –is the first specialist railway atlas of Scotland, and features 181 topographical and railway maps – plus informative text commentary – on the story of Scotland’s railways across 200 years.

Highland Survivor: the story of the Far North Line –published in September 2016 –is the first complete history of Britain’s longest rural railway, the 168-mile line from Inverness to Wick and Thurso, which dramatically escaped the 'Beeching Axe' in 1964.


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