Case Study - On Track for Business

Transform Scotland the sustainable transport alliance commissioned Deltix to produce a report on the benefits to business travellers of switching from air to rail for journeys between Edinburgh and London.

Launched at the Scottish Parliament in October 2012, On Track for Business draws together a range of academic and business studies, and sampled East Coast journeys, to produce a synthesis of the benefits of rail travel and how these could best be communicated to potential rail customers in the private and public sectors. The wider environmental benefits and how these fit with corporate social responsibility policies are a key feature of the report.

Since introducing the 'Scottish Executive Package' ticket in 2009, East Coast has seen a substantial switch of business travel from air to rail between Edinburgh and London, and the Deltix report builds on this strong track record highlighting the benefits of the train for productive use of travel time, in contrast to the often stressful and time-fragmented experience of flying from Edinburgh to London.

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